Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ultimate Carousel 3D


This is the Ultimate Carousel 3D navigation component. It can be used to show images or products in both png and jpg format. Also, you can edit the XML file and change the title and the description of every product.

You can change the title for you products, for example. Also, you can change the background color. There are 7 predefined colors: black, gray, brown, red, blue, green and yellow. Edit the backColor to change this part.

If you have a product page, edit the XML to redirect the user to that page. This component has that option i.e button for redirection. You can also change the text of th button for example: "Go to product Page".

This component has also customText tag which shows in the bottom of the carousel. You can leave this tag blank or you can place custom text or other info for each product (image) if you have.

There are examples for this issues.

This component works with Flash Player 8 and above. Please use the tips in the readme file on how to edit the XML file.

The package includes: html, js, swf, fla, readme.txt, ad images folder

For any questions please send me email at