Sunday, March 11, 2012

FXG editor, pros and cons

In this post I will write about the FXG editor pros and cons. But as far as I was able to test it I am more not satisfied than satisfied :(

link to installation of the editor 

Here is a test image which I drew with the FXG editor:



- This tool is good for fast and easy drawing, i.e things that are simple and easy to draw, like patterns, square shapes, circular shapes etc...

- It has lots of prebuilt tools for drawing, like circle, square, free hand drawing tool, bezier curve point to point tool,

- You can load image and strech it or rotate it.(See the monitor)

- You can add whichever shape and convert it to a path and edit it with the end-points, which is preety handy. (The romboid on the right top part of the image)

-  You can add a mask to an object to mask other objects.


- You cannot adjust the alignment of the text i.e no left, justified, right alignment. You have to do it mannualy with space :) (I couln't align the text in the center)

- If you delete something you cannot restore it with ctrl-z.

- You have to add the "fxg" extension mannually :(

- If you load a saved file, it is more likely that the image showed will be changed by some not known circumstances :) and it will look different than the original. So you have to make again changes in order to restore it to the original. (the computer cable is brown instead of dark grey).

- You can import image only using URL path. There is no browse button so if you want to load image from local file system you have to open the image in browser and that copy and paste the the url into the URL field. Example:

- You cannot name a group with id attribute i.e there is no option for that in the right click menu. That means you cannot use the group like a MovieClip or Sprite in you AS3 project if you dont edit the fxg code yourself.
BTW if you add id attribute to different group elements in the fxg code if you load it again the editor will erase the id attributes :(

- There is no zooming option.

- If you add very small object on the stage, you are not able to move it properly. When you try that the mouse selects the object handles for streching and rotating so instead of moving you get streching and rotating functionality.

All in all this is not a tool for proffesional production of FXG file and its usage, but if you have small task it will do your job perfectly.