Monday, August 24, 2015

"Abandoned Town" - A small game built with Unity3D and Shanty Town free assets

Here is what I have built in 3 practice sessions learning Unity3D:

Shanty Town - Worker collecting his lost wrenches
I used free Shanty Town - free assets made by Unity Technologies. So far I managed to create a terrain, mountains, used textures, pre-made models like houses, vehicles, fences, doors and of course pre-made human character that is able to walk. I also added 6 wrenches which you will find while searching the area of "Abandoned Town". As you move trough the street there will be ambient noise of wind.

This is just a start. I plan to add UI and more wrenches to collect. Maybe even achievements which data will be saved on disk locally.

Download the files from here:

In either case there is somebody who already made a Shanty Town project available for purchase. Check it out here

By the way I was reading this book: Unity for Absolute beginners. Really well made. It is more like a walktrough trough Unity features and tools. But if you are a beginner what else could you need more.