Monday, September 29, 2014

Hearthstone SQLite database

In the past two weeks I have been doing something interesting, I was developing a Hearthstone database in SQLite 3.7.9. I built it mainly to practice some SQLite programming.
Some guy managed to collect all information from some internal Hearthstone file and put it on this website:
I used a php script which I built to export the data from the json file to my SQLite database.
You can download the comple sql file from here:

or you can restore the complete database into you sqlite3 from this file:

I have some other plans to do next, so maybe there will be hearthstone db version 2.0. I don't know.

I am not affiliated with Hearthstone or Blizzard in any way.

All information in the sql file and the db file belongs to Hearthstone © Heroes of Warcraft and Blizzard © Entertainment developers.

If you have some suggestions I would gladly hear them.