Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tiny mp3 player tutorial using the xml editing tool

In this post I will examples on how to use the xml editing too that comes with tiny mp3 player component.

Here is a sample image of it:

The editor part are closely related to the structure of the xml playlist file that comes with the tiny mp3 player. Each song tag contains 4 attributes: dir, band, songTitle and songAlbum.

- dir is for directory i.e path of the sound file
- band is the name of the artist or band that composed the song. It will be shown on the player.
- songTitle is the name of the song
- songAlbum is the name of the album.

So to add new song to the playlist firts fill in the four textfields on the left and than press add song.
You can edit the generated xml at any time in the right panel. If you want to clear the generated xml press reset.

Here is a sample image of one song added:

Ok, so after adding 4 songs to the playlist the xml looks like this:

Now when finished editing open the playlist file which comes with the package and clear all text, copy the xml from the editor and paste it into the playlist.xml file. Than save it. thats it, you are done editing the xml file. Now you are ready to use the player.

Note: you can use also special characters from UTF-8 encoding

cheers :)