Friday, March 9, 2012

Advanced Banner Rotator


- This is the advanced banner rotator component. It was used flex sdk 4.5 and plain AS3 code for development. So you can use it with Flash IDE also.
- Use settings.xml file to adjuct or modify the look of the component.
- It has 3 modes of work "text-image", "image-text" and just "image". The main goal of this component is to add text and image at same time when there is a need and show the all banners as a slide show.
- But also it can be used as image only slide show. So you can edit your own images and show them instead of the text.
- You can hide/show buttons, change bar color, background color, text color etc...
- You can add or aply css style of the text (use style.css for that).

See the description of the settings.xml.