Sunday, March 11, 2012

Speaker created using FXG and FXG editor AIR application

This is the image i deveoped using only the FXG editor which is an AIR application.

Quite good isn't it :)

FXG is an adobe xml specification format for creating vector based graphics, so you would be able to create graphics from scratch using only code. This format is good for people that need opensource solution for fast and easy creating and editing graphics. But also it can be used with most of graphics editing programs like Adobe Ilustrator, Adobe FireworksMicrosoft Expression Blend , FXG editor AIR app, Inkscape with FXG plugin, etc... You can edit vector based graphics and export it as an fxg file format which than can be used in Flash/Flex/AS3 based projects.

There are two versions by now for FXG format,  version 1 and 2.
FXG is much like SVG format but its not the same, there are lots of differences. But the main goal is the same.

This is just an intro to FXG, i will add some more content on version 1 and 2 and differences, pros and cons.

Happy flashing :)