Friday, May 31, 2013

Building my first game - recap

In this post I will say my thoughts on building my first game.

Firstly I would like to announce that I have uploaded patch 1.0.2 of my game on mochi media you can play it here and also on kongregate here
I fixed lot of bugs with the controls but also moving the Space Ranger our hero :) I also improved performace of the game for slower computers.

My thoghts on building a flash game from scratch:

 I used
  •  FlashDevelop IDE
  •  ActionScript3, 
  •  30 frames per second,
  • size 700x550 
  • Flash Player 10.1
  • 3 months of my life
 Building a 2D game from scratch is OK because you will learn lot of stuff along the way. But beside many game engines like Stencyl I would say is it is not affordable. You will learn lot of about software engineering techniques, like MVC pattern, performace techniques, but this will help you alot in your game developer career to understand how games work.

The next thing to do is to try to build my next game using some of the available game engines that exist, like Stencyl or PushButtonEngine or CitrusEngine. But again, I think the game engines cannot give all needed functionality so under the hood tweaks will be necessary. It relly stays to check this thought it it is true.

Cheers, play my game and share your thoughts :))) SpinnerBox